Mental Health Care Coordination


For many people navigating the mental health system and multiple service options can be somewhat confusing and at times confronting.   


What is PIR and what Does PIR Aim to Achieve?

The ultimate aim of the PIR initiative is to improve the system response to and outcomes for people with severe and persistent mental illness who have complex needs.


How will PIR achieve this?

  • By facilitating better coordination of clinical care and other supports, tailored to meet a person's individual needs,
  • By strengthening partnerships and building better links and collaboration between various clinical and community support organisations responsible for delivering services to the PIR clients,
  • By improving referral pathways and facilitate better access to the range of services and supports needed by the PIR target group and
  • By promoting a community based recovery model to underpin all clinical and community support services delivered to people experiencing severe and persistent mental illness with complex needs


Who is PIR for?

Are you someone who lives with a severe and persistent mental illness?

Are you a family member or carer of someone who does?

Do you have multiple service involved in your care?

Then the PIR program maybe for you.  Bridges Partners in Recovery (PIR) could assist you to navigate the mental health system and services to improve your access to mental health services and community resources that would assist in your mental health recovery. PIR could assist you to develop your own personal recovery plan and achieve your goals

Let PIR help you to plan your own personalised journey to recovery.


To make a referral or if you would like more information?

Please contact Bridges Partners in Recovery on 1300 707 655