The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a new way the Government will fund services for people with disabilities.

Bridges will offer many types of support and services under the scheme, with a particular focus on those who struggle with mental health issues; that's our speciality!
We can assist with everyday routine activities to improve your daily life, increase your independence by taking part in social and community life, help you to achieve your career goals, develop relationships and identify supports you could receive from others

We can help you and your family or loved ones to identify and choose the types of supports you would like you to live a Better Life.

General tasks and demands

Doing daily tasks, managing daily routine, handling problems, making decisions.

Learning & applying knowledge

Understanding and remembering information, learning new things, practicing and using new skills and ideas.


Being understood and understanding other people.


Getting in or out of bed or a chair and moving around in your home and community.


Support to gain employment. Access to organisations who can assist you in obtaining employment. Doing what is needed to help you maintain employment.

Self-care & special health care needs

Showering/bathing, grooming, dressing, eating, nutritional support, medication management.

Education & training

Strengthening your ability to manage your daily life supports Recovery. Some areas this may include are budgeting, decision making and planning.

Interpersonal interactions and relationships

Making and keeping friends and relationships, coping with feelings and emotions.

Domestic life activities

Preparing meals, cleaning,  managing money, housekeeping and home and garden maintenance.

Community, social and civic life

Community activities, recreation and leisure Attending concerts and Festivals.
Participating or Supporting your Team.