In Australia, it is estimated that 31% of men and 44% of women who misuse drugs or alcohol have at least one co-occurring mental health disorder.  This is called ‘dual diagnosis’.

Bridges offers a “no wrong door” holistic approach to managing and controlling mental health symptoms whilst treating a client for drug or alcohol misuse. We utilise the skills and experience of a multidisciplinary team including Psychologists, Social Workers and Drug & Alcohol Clinicians.  Our approach includes:

  • Comprehensive Assessment – including history of drug and alcohol use, mental health assessment, suicide risk assessment, Mental State Examination, AUDIT, SDS, Psychometric tools, treatment goals
  • Integrated Treatment – the AOD use and mental health condition are treated simultaneously to explore the relationship between the person’s AOD use and the mental health condition.
  • Parallel Treatment – the AOD use and mental health condition are treated simultaneously by one of our Accredited Health Practitioners and our AOD team.
  • Sequential Treatment – treatment for one condition first, followed by treatment for the other condition.
  • Stepped Treatment – flexible matching of treatment intensity with case severity.
  • Coordinated Care, Referrals & Review

Our service has close working relationships with the Wide Bay Mental Health and Alcohol Drugs Services and local General Practitioners and where beneficial for the individual client, we can link with their service to ensure integrated, specialist treatment and support.

For further information regarding this approach, please contact us or make a referral for assistance.