Family & Carers

Family and Carers


Are you concerned about a close friend or loved one's mental health?

Are you struggling to cope as a carer or a carer of a family member of someone with a mental illness?

Would you like assistance or advice on where to get help or information about different mental health issues?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, Bridges can help.

Call us on Phone: 1300 707 655 for confidential assistance.


Service Objectives:

Assist Families and Carers who are impacted by someone else’s misuse of drugs and alcohol and mental health issues;

Engage with Families and Carers to promote knowledge and understanding of the health issues faced by Service Users.



Offer flexible support options and services (eg front of office, telephone) and outreach programs into homes, schools and the community


Choices may include:

® Access to information sessions to promote education and understanding of issues faced

 ® Access to formal intervention and referral services

 ® Access to family information counselling and support to assist in dealing with problematic drug and alcohol issues

 ® Understanding of different types of mental illness and mental health concerns, options for treatment and navigating the mental health and disability service systems

 ® Actively facilitating access by families and carers to other services, encouraging links and relationships that are beneficial to aid recovery

® Flexible support services options of personal contact services including phone services and Face-to-Face Office Front access



Increase knowledge and understanding of mental health and drug and alcohol health issues and principles of harm minimisation;

Increased service options available to Families and Carers of Service Users and community members across the Wide Bay Burnett Region;

Increase number of families and carers accessing services across the Wide Bay Burnett Region.


Family Mental Health Support Services (FMHSS)


FMHSS aims to improve mental health outcomes for children and young people, and their families.

FMHSS provides early intervention support to assist vulnerable families with children and young people who are at risk of, or affected by, mental illness.  These services support parents to reduce stress and enable young people to reach their potential.

FMHSS provides flexible, responsive options for children and young people up to the age of 18 who are affected by, or at risk of mental illness, and their families. Participants can expect services to offer the support outlines below:

Intensive, long-term, early intervention support for children, young people and their families which may include: assessment and identification of needs; practical assistance and home-based support; linking with other relevant services; and, targeted therapeutic groups.

Short-term immediate assistance for families which may include assessment of needs, information or referrals, and limited support.

Community outreach, mental health education and community development activities which may include: organisation of and participation in community events; and, general group work in the community.

Services will accept referrals of children and young people from any source, including self-referrals, and conduct an initial brief screening process to ensure Family Mental Health Support Services is the appropriate service for them. A formal diagnosis of mental illness is not required to access FMHSS


To make a referral or if you would like more information?

Please contact Bridges Partners in Recovery on 1300 707 655