Drug and Alcohol Training in Prisons Program

Bridges Health and Community Care provides relapse prevention programs in the Qld prisons.  These programs are delivered by qualified and experienced Drug and Alcohol workers and focus on working with the client directly to develop a better understanding of why addiction happens, developing effective strategies and prevent ongoing dependency.  There are currently two programs being delivered into prisons in Qld, consisting of either 4 or 10 sessions that cover a range of topics including;

  • Pre – Evaluation Test / Stages of Change Readiness and Treatment Eagerness Scale,
  • Draw out participants knowledge about alcohol and drugs and to correct misinformation,
  • Current Drug and Alcohol Trends,
  • Assists to gauge level of participants insight and their knowledge about alcohol and other drugs and their adverse effects on social, financial, physical, mental health and relationships,
  • Ascertain participants knowledge and understanding of the Addiction Cycle and how it effects individuals and associated health impacts,
  • Encourage participants to make sensible assessments of their situations and make constructive choices to improve them or cope with them,
  • Promote increased awareness of potential hazards that might lie in participants paths to recovery and to provide practical tools to combat aforementioned,
  • Explain the different treatment options available so that participants can make informed choices in their recovery,
  • What is relapse prevention and management?
  • Encourage participants to make sensible SMART Goals to assist to abstain from substance use.
For further information regarding this program please contact Bridges on 1300 707 655