"When I first started at Bridges I was very introverted and shy. I found it hard to want to put myself out there, to accept I had an illness that Bridges could help me manage. As time has moved on that has all changed, I am now an extrovert and confidently interact with staff and other participants.

I enjoy coming along and am among the first at Bridges most days. My demeanour has changed to one of a confident person and I deal with my illness confidently thanks to helpful staff and other participants as well".

- Mickey D. MHRRS Participant



"Bridges has given me a place to go to when there was nowhere else. When recovering, I need somewhere to connect to people and be involved in tasks as a team or individual. If I stay at home, things just get worse and all my friends are busy with their own lives. This has at times, felt devastating and hopeless.

When I haven't been well enough to do voluntary work or paid work, Bridges has provided a meaningful link, even though at times it required a commitment on my part to make it my routine.

I have met incredible people at Bridges who have achieved far more than me with much less. This has given me a fresh perspective on my own problems. It’s great that the staff are also very grounded in all that they do and say.

I have now been in voluntary administrative work (after various times in paid employment that was not suitable for me) for nearly 12 months and it has given me a confidence I have not had in many years".

- Helen F. MHRRS Participant



"Before I came to Bridges I sat at home doing nothing and my life wasn’t going anywhere. Since coming into Bridges I have learnt how to turn on the computer and how to write and type up a letter.

Bridges has helped me get my life back into order and mainly get me back into crowds. The very first time I came here I was very scared but now I seemed to have a better understanding of what my problems are and how to cope with them".

- Agnes M. MHRRS Participant



"I’ve been coming to Bridges for about 4 ½ years. When I first arrived I was shy like everyone is but it didn’t take very long to get to know all the members and staff.

Now I have some really good friends that I work and socialise with. This keeps me busy and happy during the days that I attend. I would like to give a big thanks to everyone at Bridges for making me the person that I am today".

- Adam K. MHRRS Participant